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Lead Singer / Song Writer

Matthew Mullin

Lead Singer / Song Writer
Guitarist / Singer / SongWriter

Jordan Shivers

Guitarist / Singer / SongWriter
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“Right place, right time”.  Something Two Degrees know a lot about. The Irish duo from the North of Ireland were formed in January 2018 after only first meeting a few weeks prior. Since then they have played across New York and the UK & Ireland including an appearance at The 3 Arena in Dublin – all within their first 18 months. Inheriting a love of classical rock (the likes of Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan) from their parents and combining it with a love of current singer-songwriters (most notably Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance) Two Degrees – Matthew Mullin (24) and Jordan Shivers (23) – quickly grew their fanbase with their unique sound and unrivalled energy at their live shows. A stroke of luck led to a meeting with Roxborough Studios and in early 2019 their first single was released and broke 100,000 streams in just under 2 months. This started a new chapter of playing globally, with shows in Liverpool, Spain and most frequently; New York. After 12 months and 3 more songs later, the pair were brought to a humbling halt because of the ongoing pandemic. In hindsight, the break came at the right time for Two Degrees as they started work on their debut E.P. which is to be released 21st May 2021.

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